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Adoption Services

In adoption, experience is everything. We are confident in our ability to coach you through this challenging but rewarding process. We expect the unexpected, and are always on hand to offer the advice and wisdom that comes from having walked this road many times. Gyemant Paris Law provides adoption services to adoptive parents and birthparents. Working with an adoption law firm for your adoption gives you the benefit of more personal and engaged adoption process. At Gyemant Paris Law, we listen to you and your vision for your future. Our role is to provide you with sound legal advice and information in order to realize your adoption plan. Our experienced adoption team will get to know you personally and coach you through the adoption process. Our top priority is to get you to a safe adoption that is right for everyone involved. We believe in maintaining open communication with our clients during the adoption process. It is important to us that you feel supported at all times, and you feel free to contact us without fear of rising costs. We charge flat fees based on the type of adoption and the stage of the adoption so that you always feel comfortable contacting us with questions or concerns. Below you will find the different areas of adoption where we can use our expertise to help you:


Newborn Adoption and Independent Adoption

Relative Adoption

Step-parent Adoption

Domestic Partner Adoption

Second-Parent Adoption

Re-Adoption for International Adoptions

Adult Adoption

Newborn Adoption

Gyemant Paris Law provides adoption services for both adoptive parents and birthparents to navigate the process of domestic newborn adoption. Our adoption professionals are experienced in strategizing the smoothest and most cost-effective route for your adoption process.  We can identify possible bumps in the road, and can help you face any legal issues that arise.  We walk you through each step of the adoption and guide you through each detail of the adoption process.  As attorneys, we are able to choose the best method to set up your adoption, whether an agency adoption or independent adoption, and to address birthparent’s rights, as well as the finalization of your adoption.  Most adoptions in our office are open adoptions, but we also work with birthparents who choose to have a semi-open or closed adoption.

Throughout the adoption process you will have many questions.  But where do you begin?  We provide answers for you based on our years of experience in adoption services.  Whether you are begin the search for a birthmother match or have already found a birthmother who wants to place her child with you, we can provide a full array of adoption services to you.

Relative Adoption

A Relative Adoption is where a mother or father selects a member of  the family to be the adoptive parents of their child. Often this is a family decision, and our role is to make the process go as smoothly as possible. We will work with all of the family members to put together an adoption plan and help establish a future contact agreement. We will also connect you with an adoption counselor who can prepare you for the difficult conversations that may arise with the child later in life.

Step Parent/ Domestic Partner Adoption

In step-parent or domestic partner adoption,  one partner adopts their partner’s child. Registered domestic partners can do a step-parent or domestic partner adoption. Where they are not registered, the non-legal parent has to go through a more complex adoption process called a second parent adoption.

Where there is a non-custodial  biological parent who is in agreement with the adoption, the process can be very smooth and finalized within a 3-4 month window. Where there is a biological parent who is not in agreement, we will work directly with him or her to finalize the adoption, and will navigate and negotiate any disagreements that arise between the parties.


Where a child is adopted internationally by a U.S. resident family, a re-adopt provides the child with a United States-issued birth certificate. It is always recommended to obtain a United States birth certificate for a child who was adopted internationally. This gives you, the parent, and your child easy access to a copy of your child’s birth certificate throughout his or her life.

Adult Adoption

Adult adoptions are common in cases where someone who is not biologically-related to the child has raised them to adulthood. Where a parent-child dynamic has been established but not legally recognized, an adult adoption gives this relationship legal effect. While adult adoptions are carried out for various purposes, some adults go through this process for sentimental reasons.  This adoption service is completed through a court process, and can be done in a short window of time.

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Interstate Adoption

Agency Adoption

Independent Adoption

Adoption Case Management

Adoption Budgeting

Adoption Finalization

Contested Adoption