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You may be preparing to meet an expectant mother for the first time, visiting your surrogate, preparing for the birth of a child, or caring for a child.  These resources will help you in your day to day life as an new parent, adoptive parent-to-be, intended parent, or as a parent in the adoption process.  Please let us know if there is a business or resource we should add.  Please note, these sites are provided for informational purposes and should not be viewed as endorsements of the services/ businesses below.



Check the weather!



Need tickets, hotel or rental cars to visit an expectant mother or surrogate?


Great to find reviews on local hotels and restaurants for your specific needs during the adoption and surrogacy process:




Advice on caring for a new baby:

Preparing for having a baby in your home – here are shopping resources.

Settled in with baby and need some additional help around the house, there are resources for you.