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Noe Valley Voice features Gyemant Paris Law

Noe Valley Voice Features Gyemant Paris Law  

Adopt SF–Gyemant Paris Law 1330 Castro St. between 24th and Jersey 415-513-5502 “Stroller Valley” has a new addition: Adopt SF–Gyemant Paris Law, a legal practice that helps individuals and families expand their families through adoption. Open since April 2011, the law office is located in the same storefront as Noe Valley Law Offices between 24th and Jersey streets. Besides adoption, the firm, headed by attorney Anne Gyemant Paris, also specializes in surrogacy and assisted reproduction, such as sperm and egg donation. “Our goal is to lead families to a safe adoption or surrogacy, and our practice is all about creating families,” Gyemant Paris says. Surrogacy is when a woman is a gestational carrier—carrying a fetus in her uterus—for another woman who cannot do it herself for whatever reason. Often the gestational carrier is not related genetically to the fetus. Gyemant Paris and her director of adoption services, Michelle Nobriga, work with families as well as pregnant women looking into adoption. Gyemant Paris also does prenuptial agreements and some collaborative dissolution, sometimes called a “friendly divorce,” in which both parties agree not to go to court. “We serve a lot of Noe Valley families,” she says. “We work on domestic adoptions, as long as one of the parties is in California, and we can advise on international adoptions.” There are several kinds of adoptions, too—newborn adoptions, a stepparent adopting a spouse’s child, a relative adoption by grandparents or other family members, as well as adult adoption. Most adoptions these days are open adoptions, in which the birth mother chooses the family who will adopt her infant, and they continue to have some kind of contact thereafter. “It’s so much better for the children. They learn that adoption is done from a place of love.” Gyemant Paris works with several different agencies like egg donor coordinators and fertility clinics, and is happy to give referrals. The native San Franciscan lives with her husband and two daughters on 23rd Street. She graduated from Convent of the Sacred Heart as well as UC Berkeley and Hastings Law School. To top it off, she’s a third-generation female attorney, and got interested in the niche of adoption law work because of personal experience. “My parents were both attorneys—my mother is a retired judge—and they met representing kids in Juvenile Hall before there were public defenders,” she says. “They wound up taking some of the kids into our home. Two of them are my brothers.” Adopt SF–Gyemant Paris Law is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Please call or email first to set up an appointment.

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