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Intended Parents & Surrogate Mothers

We specialize in providing Intended Parents counseling and legal services during the
entire Gestational or Traditional surrogacy journey. Every detail of our Intended Parents’
case is managed closely and by our own lawyers. We work with our client to ensure that once the child is born, the Intended Parents are declared
the child’s legal parents. Our goal is to ensure that Intended Parents are given full
custody rights at the birth of their child.

Before deciding to use a Surrogate, it is important for Intended Parents to consider the
following questions.

  • Are you ready to move on from current infertility treatments?
  • How do you feel about someone else carrying your child?
  • Are both partners ready to do this?
  • How will you explain the pregnancy and birth to others and eventually to your

It is a requirement by most infertility clinics that Intended Parents and the Surrogate Mother speak to a mental health professional specializing in infertility about these and other concerns. A mental health screening can help ensure that all parties have considered all matters. It will also help to determine if the Intended Parents and the Surrogate Mother are compatible.

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