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Gestational Surrogacy

1322509585California law on surrogacy and gestational carriers provides some of the best protection of any state in the Country.  While the development of law in this area is still evolving, both intended parents and gestational carriers benefit from these protections.  As of 2013, the intended parents and gestational carriers must be represented by separate attorneys.  We create gestational carrier contracts for surrogacy.  We are able to represent gestational carriers and intended parents through the surrogacy process.  For intended parents, we walk you through each detail of the legal process, and make sure you have considered all possible issues, as well as the costs.  We can direct you on creating a guardianship required in your contract, and in setting up an escrow account.  We make sure that you have all the protections set-up so that you and your surrogate can experience the surrogacy process without any conflicts.  For gestational carriers, we ensure that you and your family are protected in case any issues come up during your pregnancy.  We make sure you understand all aspects of the the contract your are signing.  We take the conflict out of the process, so that you can feel secure in your decision.

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