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Surrogacy in India Goes Primetime in the United States

Surrogacy in India has reached prime-time.  The San Francisco Chronicle, our hometown paper, published a huge article this week on Surrogacy in India.  (You can find it here).  The article did a great job of laying out the pros and cons of taking this path.  Surrogacy is expensive.   It is out of reach for many.  Not many people have the resources to afford a surrogacy.  Yet many couples are not ready to let go of having a genetic link to their child.  Surrogacy in India is cheaper – there is no question.  However, there is also no connection and often no communication with the surrogate throughout the pregnancy.  Intended parents experience a lack of control over the process.  They are often unsure what steps will need to be taken to legalize their parenthood.   There can also be hang ups in gaining exit from the country with their child and getting the necessary legal documents to go home. And then there are the moral and ethical issues with surrogacy in India.  How is the surrogate being treated?  There is no question that money the surrogates are paid is life-changing for them.  But their treatment from clinic to clinic varies.  Many attorneys who practice assisted reproduction and surrogacy law in the United States are still uneasy when it comes to surrogacy in India.  Nevertheless, it is an attractive option for many.  If you choose to go this route, consult with an attorney where you live.  Get the information you need, and ask the clinic in India specific questions.  Find out how long you will be expected to stay in country.  Dealing with an intimate process such as surrogacy from thousands of miles away has its pitfalls.  And of course the rules are constantly changing.  For example, single parents and lgbt couples are currently not permitted to gain exit visas from the country for the purpose of surrogacy.  But this could turn around at any time.  The bottom line – do your homework before you decide this is right for you and your family.

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