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Star Wars Special

In honor of George Lucas and Mellody Hobson’s newborn baby:  We’re going to offer a free 1/2 hour consultation in August on surrogacy and assisted reproduction matters if you can answer a Star Wars trivia question!  (That means egg donor, sperm donor, surrogacy, embryo adoption and everything else in between)  Surrogacy is coming mainstream with the births in the last few weeks of a baby born by gestational surrogate to both George Lucas and Jimmy Fallon.  As a Star Wars fan, can you name all the references to assisted reproduction in the movies?  Everything from carbon-freezing Darth Vader to twins Luke and Princess Leia separated at birth. And did you know that George Lucas was already a father through adoption?  So, Star Wars fans, ready set go:   Do you need an attorney to help you with a baby Ewok to call your own – I help my clients in creating their families by providing legal help related to Carbonite Freezing (can do Han Solo’s or Princess Leia’s).  Do you need a Bobba Fett on your side to help you with an egg donor, sperm donor, surrogacy or embryo adoption?  Have you grown past dancing for Jabba, and want to grow the family?  When you call, answer a simple Star Wars question, and I will help you on your way to creating your family and answer your questions about surrogacy, egg donor, sperm donor or embryo adoption.   My great passion to help others to become parents, and modern technology offers so many options to creating your family.   Congratulations to George Lucas and his growing family.  (You can read more about them here.)  And of course,  may the Force to be with you…

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