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Open Adoption on the Today Show

November is National Adoption Month! All this week, the Today Show will be featuring stories on Adoption, and I will be offering my take on their stories.  Monday’s story is about Open Adoption on the Today Show.  The story features the Open Adoption relationship between two mothers of a 12 year old boy:  the adoptive mother and birth mother.  Most adoptions today feature some level of openness, but the level of the Open Adoption on the Today Show story is unusual.  Most families in an open adoption share the family story and the adoption story with their child.  They often exchange pictures and letters and many families have family visits together.  Some families see each other once a year, some less often.  Just like our biological families, the amount they have contact or see each other depends on their connection, other responsibilities, and being financially able to travel.  One part of the story about open adoption that stood out to me was the connection between the adoptive mom and the birth mother, and this is something i’ve seen often.  When the “match” is right, a connection really develops between the adoptive parents and birthparents.  A bond is created between them that is strong and lasting:  that bond is the child they share, the child they both love, and that really came across in the story.  This family is lucky to have such a strong open adoption.  The idea of “future contact” can be scary when you are starting the adoption process.  But open adoption can be the beautiful and rewarding relationship that you couldn’t quite imagine when you started.

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