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Glow Fertility App

Glow Fertility AppI’m really curious about the new Glow Fertility App:  Have you heard about this?  I know that there have been plenty of Fertility App launches before the Glow Fertility App.  But the Glow Fertility App has some pretty cool features.  I like founders who have some skin in the game, and these founders created the App after experiencing infertility in their own lives and relationships.  They have also ponied up $1 million dollars for fertility treatments if users who are on their premium program ($50 per month) have not conceived after 10 months.  I wasn’t clear on how much they would be providing, and it seems like it is really in very beginning stages, but I like the idea.  It’s also not clear if that money can go towards egg donor or surrogacy.  Is this Glow Fertility App for LGBT families too?  Lots of questions remain.  Putting all this aside, the fertility app is easy to use!  You can flip though the days of the month to find the best chances for fertility, you receive peppy messages from the app with daily tasks, and you can get your partner involved in supporting you through the ups and downs that come with assisted reproduction and conception.  Find out more about it here  and also here.

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