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Adult Adoption in California


Adult Adoption in California

Adult adoption in California:  This morning I went to Court to finalize an Adult Adoption.  It was touching.  The adoptive father had raised the adoptive daughter.  She is also his stepdaughter – from a very young age.  Today they made their father-daughter relationship a legal one.  How does adult adoption in California work? Here are the basics:   The person being adopted needs to be at least 10 years younger than their adoptive parent.  This requirement often receives a lot of negative press.  The sensational stories of a husband “adopting” his wife or  a person adopting their friend in order to get around a will or trust.  Crazy situations can come up. However most adult adoptions in California look nothing like that.  The adoption often makes legal a relationship that already exists in fact. There is more to adult adoption in California besides the 10 year rule.  No home study is required and consent of the adoptee’s parents is not necessary. Beyond that, in order to have an adult adoption in California: the Court needs to be satisfied that both the adoptive parent and child would benefit from the adult adoption.  The Judge will also look for a public benefit to the adoption.  More importantly, the Court will want to know the purpose of the adult adoption.  What binds the adoptive parent and child so strongly.  What is their story?  It is up to the attorney to tell the client’s story to the Court lay the road to a successful adoption.

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