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Adoption Process on Today Show

Day Two of the Today Show’s Coverage of Adoption.  The second installment focused on Adoption Process on Today Show.  As an adoption attorney, I talk about adoption all the time.  People often think of the wonderful outcome at the end of the adoption.  They don’t think about the difficult road of the adoption process.  There is no question that the adoption process is difficult.  An adoptive family can feel exposed or intruded upon during the homestudy.  They can become frustrated by the wait.  The adoption process can feel bureaucratic and expensive.  Pick an attorney or agency that can get you through the highs and lows of the adoption process.  Keep yourself on the goal of becoming a parent.  Take care of yourself.  Don’t let the adoption process become your only focus.  The video highlights one family and there story is similar to many adoptive families.  When the match is right it works.  There is one additional element that can sound hokey.  Put all your positive energy out into the world towards your adoption.  Talk about it with friends if you are comfortable.  All in all, make it your adoption process.


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