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Placing Your Baby for Adoption is a Choice




At Adopt SF, we work with women nationwide who are considering adoption for the child they are expecting.  If you are pregnant and considering adoption, and if it is a good choice for you,  you should speak with someone who can give you current information about the adoption.  We have assisted many women just like you in considering adoption, and if is the best decision for them and their baby.


When you call us, you can expect to be treated with respect and understanding of the difficult decision that you are considering.  We listen to your unique situation can provide you with the information you need in considering adoption.  Assisting you with all the paperwork and guiding you through each phase of the adoption process are a few of the things that we do at AdoptSF.  We can also help you in finding an adoptive family that feels right for you. We can also help you to receive financial assistance during your pregnancy and immediately following the adoption.  You can also expect that calling us does not mean you must then choose adoption.  It simply means that you’ve taken the first and most important step for you and your baby in considering adoption.


Our friendly adoption professionals can also provide answers to your questions if you are considering adoption with a relative or someone that you already know personally.  If you would like to consider waiting families that are looking to adopt, we can take it as slow as you want.  You can review each adoptive family’s letter and talking with them over the phone.  You can find the adoptive family that feels “right” for you.


Adoption is NOT a “forever goodbye.”  In considering adoption, many women have questions about what an open adoption really looks like.  Once again, YOU are the one who determines the amount of future contact you would like to have.  It may take some time during the adoption process to figure out what kind of future contact feels comfortable for you and how much….but that’s ok!  Our AdoptSF team and our adoptive families look forward to talking with you about your thoughts and ideas.  You can even choose to have a future contact agreement filed in court as part of the adoption.  Again, you choose!  It’s your decision because it’s your adoption plan.  We are here to support you, guide you along the way and assist you in making the best decisions for the future that you possibly can for yourself and your child.


Knowing what adoption really means before you decide if it is the right choice for you and your child, is important to us.  Our Common Questions About Adoption page has answers to additional questions you may be asking yourself about the adoption process.  You can call us toll free at 866-341-0801 Speak with an experienced member of our San Francisco, CA legal team about adoption and how it might work for you if you were to choose it.  We understand the stress and difficulty in having to make a decision such as this.  We’ll never pressure you to choose something you’re not comfortable with.  We’re here to listen and assist you as much as we can. Let our knowledge on adoption, our compassion for what you may be going through and our understanding of how important this decision is for you help you in considering adoption.

When you call us, an experienced adoption services professional will walk you through each step of the process of adoption.  You’ll get to ask questions about the things you’re trying to make decisions about like how to choose an adoptive family, the best way to handle the biological father, what’s the best way to prepare for the hospital and what financial help can you receive during your pregnancy and after.

Receiving Financial Support 

Under many state laws including San Francisco, CA, you are able to receive pregnancy-related living expenses as part of your newborn adoption plan.  Financial assistance can begin at varying phases of an adoption depending on your individual circumstances.  Most women who place a baby for adoption have an established “adoption budget” that continues for a period of time after delivery, depending on your state adoption laws.  We can help you in determining what financial assistance you have a right to receive.  We’re also able to assist you in meeting some of your other needs such as, medical coverage, medical care, transportation and/or housing assistance.  Should you decide that newborn adoption is not for you, we’ll provide you with contact information for various social services organizations within your community that can better assist you with the support you may need.

Choosing a Family for Your Baby The biggest choice you’ll make during your adoption is choosing a family for your baby for adoption.  We have access to a wide range of parents who are looking to newborn adoption in order to adopt.  You can find families here. Our goal is to listen to what you would like in an adoptive family and then provide you with families that match those qualities.  Choosing the “right” family for you and your baby can take time and we understand it’s not the easiest choice to make.  We respect this is YOUR decision.

After reviewing letters from the families, we’ll encourage you to speak with the ones that interest you over the phone.  When you’re ready, a personal visit with an adoptive family that you feel is the “best” family for you is another way to get more comfortable with that adoptive family you’ve selected.

It’s always up to you how much you want to interact with an adoptive family during and after your pregnancy.  After the first visit with an adoptive family, which is generally before you deliver your child, many expectant mothers have told us that they begin to have a clearer picture as to the level of future contact they truly want and feel comfortable with.  It’s always going to be YOUR choice made at YOUR pace.

The road of considering whether placing your baby for adoption is the right choice for you begins with the first phone call to our experienced and compassionate team toll free at 866-341-0801 or text us at 415-967-0906.  We have the experience to be able to share with you how the process of placing your baby for adoption would work for you.  Even if you’re not sure whether adoption is a good choice for you, we can answer your questions and discuss your options.